by Galilee Lighting

The Artist

Shimi Pelleg is a master glass crafstman who's skills in artistry astound. Using a technique unique to himself he creates beautiful glass works of art in an array of color size and depictions. Each piece is handmade in his studio in Israel and designed with great care and passion.

The Medium

Glass has long been a fascinating and amazing material, but in the hands of an artist it can be breathtaking. The glass is created using a fusing process of powders and heat creating a flurry of beautiful colors and textures. This unique approach and lighted display options creates a spectacle sure to create a stir.

The Process

Starting from a raw chunk of glass the artist starts by heating it in the oven to produce a sheet of glass. From there it is heated 3 more times, one for prep, another for color, and the final for glaze. This process involves a masterful hand and an eye for craftstmanship. Many times the process has been attempted to be duplicated by others, but never successful.

The Result

The final product of this rigorous and beaitufl process is a stunning piece of glass that is both versatile and eye-catching. We offer options for back lit, framed, and raw glass. Whatever your space and goals we can custom tailor the product for you and your requirements. Contact us today to get started on your own piece of art glass that is sure to become a cherished piece.

Our Work